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Dental implants can offer sturdy means of replacing missing teeth. However, as with many things, if you do not take the time and effort to care for them, they may not give you their full benefits. Here are some things you can do to keep your implants and your oral health in good order.

Even though a crowns or bridges that are supported by implants are not real teeth, you can benefit by brushing and flossing them daily. Plaque can still form on the crown or bridge, and brushing and flossing can clean the plaque off. Properly flossing around an implant can take more time than it would with your regular teeth, but this extra time can be worth it.

In order to thoroughly floss an implant-supported crown or bridge, you should slide the floss into the gap between the implant and the crown or bridge. Food and plaque can get wedged in that space, but if you floss there, you can clear them out. This can maintain good oral health and help keep your breath smelling fresh.

We also recommend that you not smoke if you have an implant. Smoking can make your jawbone weaker and lead to gum disease, which can weaken gum tissue. Implants rely on healthy gums and a strong jawbone, otherwise they can be at risk of failing. If you avoid this bad habit, your gums and jawbone can remain strong, which can keep an implant strong too.

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