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A dental crown can last you quite a few years. However, a crown’s life may get significantly reduced if you forget to brush and floss it, which is not very helpful for the tooth the crown covers either.

The crown acts as a replacement and offers protection for the tooth it covers, but it also relies on that tooth for its own support. Unfortunately, there is an opening along the bottom of the crown that can allow bacteria sneak in. These bacteria can wear down the crowned tooth, which may cause the crown to fall off.

Do not worry, because there is a way that can prevent this from happening. You can brush away the bacteria, which come in the form of plaque, off of the opening. It can also help to use a toothpaste with fluoride in it. Fluoride helps your natural teeth to remineralize, which helps them better withstand things like decay. Also, never forget to floss in the gaps between your teeth and your crown, as this can clean out the plaque that your toothbrush cannot get to.

As you continue to brush and floss, you can help your dental crown last longer and keep the natural tooth safe as well. If an issue does come up with your crowns, we can help you here at Coral Springs Smile Care in Coral Springs, Florida. Drs. Gauri, Disha and Dipak Mankame, our dentistss, are happy to help you. To call us, please dial 954-752-4484.